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Portrait of V.S. Surikov, Repin, 1877

Portrait of V.S. Surikov, Repin, 1877

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Portrait of the artist Vasily Ivanovich Surikov - Ilya Efimovich Repin. 62.5 x 215 cm

Portrait of Surikov brush Repin - the undoubted success of the artist. The master of psychological portrait perfectly conveys the character and temperament of his colleague.

Repinsky Surikov is full of strength and ambition. Black hair, a fashionable beard, puffy red lips, a slightly full face, black eyes - spoke about the fullness of health, about the prime of life of the hero. In the gaze, a subtle embarrassment caused by the unfamiliarity of the role of the sitter is noticeable. The viewer has the feeling that Surikov is about to begin to move, tired of immobility.

A snow-white collar, a black tie, a jacket ... Surikov is a man with impeccable taste, smartish and able to dress well. A neutral greenish background is destroyed by the burgundy back of the chair, in harmony with the color of the hero's lips, emphasizing the bright appearance and originality of the person.

It is felt that Repin with deep respect, with some even trepidation, refers to his colleague.

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