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Cat Museum in Amsterdam

Cat Museum in Amsterdam

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This small private museum is not among the attractions of Amsterdam, and it also did not fall into the routes of standard excursions. Why tours bypass it can be thought out, learning about it a little more.

The museum building is located in a fashionable area, where bank offices and luxurious mansions are located, at 497 Herengracht, on the first 2 floors of which it is located. Dutch financier Bob Mayer, the creator of the museum, lives on the 3rd floor. He once had a cat named John Pirpont Morgan III, named after the famous American tycoon. They say that it was a very clever cat and the owner loved it so much that it presented it with expensive but meaningless gifts for the cat. For example, on his first birthday, he received his portrait, by the age of ten - a sculptural image, and by the age of fifteen a volume of poems dedicated to John Pirpont Morgan - the cat. Bob Mayer even printed a dollar, where instead of a portrait of the president was a portrait of his favorite.

One of the cats room

But in 1983, at the age of 17, the cat died, and Bob, in memory of his favorite, decided to create such a memorial cat’s office, which opened as a museum in 1990. “Cats in art and culture” - such is its general theme.

Everything here is devoted to cats, the exhibition has over 3,000 exhibits, among which mainly painting, statuettes, sculptures, installation works, sometimes famous artists such as Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Theophilus Steinlen, Saul Mayer, Cornell, Yozhe Tsiyuha. There are works by the Russian artist Nikolai Tarkhov, who worked at the turn of the XIX - XX centuries.

Among the sculptural images there is also a great variety - there is also the Lord of the Garbage, and The Thoughtful Fat Man, and The Worst Cat, and, of course, The Cat in Boots. There is even a werewolf cat in the form of a ghost of a woman with feline features. Even the furniture here is decorated with images or sculptures of these animals. Many cat-themed posters are presented, cat souls crawl out of the body of the vase, the image of a cat on the fan - the whole interior is saturated with the spirit of love for these pets, and the air smells of them - 5 well-fed cats live in the museum. Here dusk reigns everywhere (apparently the creator of the museum saw the cat soul) and luxurious chandeliers always burn ...

Anyone can sponsor the museum by buying a tie with an image of Kipling's character - a cat “walking on its own”. The museum is also notable for its very expensive, wonderfully made website on the Internet, where you can wander through its halls interactively and view all the exhibits in detail.

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