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Museum of Chocolate, Barcelona

Museum of Chocolate, Barcelona

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When the Spanish Conquistadors conquered Mexico in 1519 and tried an unknown drink there, which since the time of the Olmec civilization was called kakawa, they quickly realized that, among other treasures, they also got “brown gold”. So, for the first time with the ships of Fernando Cortez, cocoa got to the port of Barcelona, ​​and then to Europe.

It was from here that cocoa and chocolate began their victorious march across the European continent. And, despite the fact that there are chocolate museums in many large cities (for example, in Cologne), the museum in Barcelona, ​​created in 2000 by the guild of confectioners in Barcelona, ​​should rightfully be the most important of them.

It is quite small, located in the building of the former St. Augustine Monastery on Carrer del Comerç Street, occupying only about 600 m2 under its expositions, and is aimed primarily at children for whom entertainment and educational programs have been developed here.

The acquaintance with the history of everyone’s favorite treats here begins with ... a ticket in the form of a chocolate bar. The museum’s expositions tell everything about the history of a product beloved by everyone from the time of Cortes to the present day, and part of this story is more like a legend. The fact is that King Philip V of the Bourbon dynasty, who ruled in Spain in the 18th century, fanatically loved chocolate and firmly believed in its wonderful properties, and therefore even ordered his officers to enter it on the daily menu. As a result, all officers and cadets of the Royal Guard were given one and a half ounces of chocolate for breakfast. They were even called “chocolateros” for such a sweet privilege.

The entire museum exposition is divided into several zones, among which: "Cocoa and Chocolate" - dedicated to the cultivation and processing of cocoa, "Cars" - respectively, it is devoted to the technique for creating chocolate and its design, “Art and inspiration” - about the role of chocolate in art and works dedicated to this product, "Coffee house"where you can taste hot and cold chocolate.

Interesting Barcelona Hall - here in a separate room a lot of sculptural compositions from chocolate are exhibited, according to the art of performing decent solid galleries, from small figures to statues to the height of a person, as well as chocolate landscapes and chocolate still lifes. Here and Don Quixote, and the brave soldier Schweik, and the heroes of children's tales, and characters of popular cartoons. The only inconvenience here is pretty cool, because the chocolate can melt ...

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