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Borghese Gallery, Rome

Borghese Gallery, Rome

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The aristocratic family of Borghese is known to everyone who has at least something to do with the world of art. If the mention of the names Santi, Caravaggio, Lotto, Alani, Bernini and Canova is in awe in your heart, then the Roman gallery of Borghese is the place you should definitely visit. Art lovers coming to Rome should not miss such a chance!

Short story

Cardinal Spy Borghese liked Caravaggio's work so much that he decided to build a gallery, which later housed most of the most successful works of the great painter. The gallery was built by the cardinal in the 17th century, but then it was more like a hall than a museum. At the end of the 18th century, one of the descendants of the aforementioned cardinal completely rebuilt the gallery. Mr. Marcantonio Borghese was not indifferent to classicism, the love of this style was reflected in the appearance of the building in the most direct way. This style has been preserved to this day - the unique image of the gallery has passed through the centuries and has remained the way Marcantonie Borghese conceived it.

Canvas and stone

Visitors to the Borghese Gallery experience indescribable delight - not every day the opportunity to see so many magnificent masterpieces is provided! The building consists of two floors. On the ground floor there are sculptures of famous masters, rising above, visitors can enjoy the canvases of great artists. The gallery features world-famous works of art:

  • Saint Jerome
  • David with the head of a goliath;
  • Danae;
  • Descent from the cross;
  • Apollo and Daphne;
  • Dancing Satyr;
  • The abduction of Proserpine.

The abundance of gallery exhibits is not limited to the above treasures. Among other masterpieces, busts of Cardinal Spione Borghese are a separate collection - the memory of the founder of the gallery rightly deserves this honor. On the ground floor there are paintings by the first artists of Spain, France, Germany, Holland and Flemish. The collection of sculptures consists of the most famous creations, the creation of some statues dates from the 2nd century. n e.

Ticket price The Borghese Gallery is quite high - it is one of the most expensive museums in Rome. However, the price of admission does not compare with the sea of ​​impressions in which visitors plunge headlong!

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