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Gaudi Museum in Reus

Gaudi Museum in Reus

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There is a small town Reus on the northeast coast of Catalonia, called in Spanish the Costa Dorada. And the culprit of such popularity was not the picturesque ruins of ancient civilizations, but the genius of a man who was born in this quiet town, and subsequently became a world famous architect. This person Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926) - a legend-man who created such architectural creations as no one has ever built and does not build, and has left many puzzles that are still being debated and trying to understand.

In his honor, here in Reus, in 2007, a unique interactive museum was opened - Gaudi Center (Gaudí Center Reus). Among the ancient Art Nouveau buildings, this four-story building in the shape of a blue glass cube, near the shopping square in the center of the town, is immediately striking in its architecture. Inside, the building is simply oversaturated with modern equipment. So, on the 2nd floor, there is an interactive map of Barcelona on a glass floor, which shows all the buildings designed by Gaudi. It is enough to point with your foot to any of them, how a film will be shown about him on one of the wall screens, and an audio guide in any language will provide sound accompaniment to it.

The tour starts from the top floor, where the film about the Gaudi world and the stages of his work is first shown. The following are models of his architectural creations, structural elements of the Guell Palace, the Ceiling and facade of the House of Mila, architectural compositions from the Park Guell and many other buildings and their elements.

There is also a very informative exposition explaining the mechanics of creating those bizarre forms with which Gaudi's art is so abundant. For this, models from filament and wire shapes are presented here that create curvilinear shapes as a result of rotation or bending. This museum is interesting even to children, as here everything can be felt, twisted, experimented. The exposition of the last floor includes extensive historical and autobiographical data, photographs, copies of manuscripts and projects, as well as a bust of genius made with his death mask ...

And at the end of the tour you can visit places related to the life of Antonio Gaudi in Reus. There are no architectural creations of Gaudi himself, but there is a wonderful architecture of the city itself, which is constantly updated with masterpieces created by the disciples of the great Master.

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