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Picture Carpet-plane, V. Vasnetsov, 1880

Picture Carpet-plane, V. Vasnetsov, 1880

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Carpet-plane - Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 165x297

Carpet - the dream of any child. In Vasnetsov’s painting, this magical object resembles a giant bird spreading its wings over vast expanses.

On the carpet Ivan the hero with its prey - a cage with a Firebird. The athlete confidently rests on Baba Yaga's flying gift, clutching the cage tightly in his hands. He is calm and focused, ready for new challenges and difficult tasks. Three owls accompany the flight - probably these are the messengers of Baba Yaga, the mistress of the carpet-plane. They indicate the way, and maybe look after the gift.

Unlike the hero on the carpet, the landscape in the picture is lifeless and dull: lazily flowing river, dark green banks, rare trees. So the artist contrasts the real world (ordinary, devoid of attractiveness and diversity) and the fairy-tale world (multicolor, bright, energetic). Carpet-plane with the hero is depicted against a white cloudy sky, which emphasizes the brightness and color of both the carpet itself and the hero’s clothes, and most importantly - the heat of the bird, shining like the sun itself.

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