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Description of the painting Vasnetsov Snegurochka, 1899

Description of the painting Vasnetsov Snegurochka, 1899

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Snow Maiden - Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 116x80

The Snow Maiden is a favorite fairy-tale character of the Christmas holidays. Vasnetsov creates his picture clearly under the influence of the tales of Ostrovsky and the opera of Rimsky-Korsakov.

A fabulously beautiful night: a snowy forest, bathed in moonlight, starry sky. The snow maiden has just left the forest, she is already ready to take the first step towards people. In the distance you can see the lights of the village. At this moment she, frightened, pale, but decisive, looks back one last time at her house - the forest. It seems that her eyes are full of tears, and in the next instant you understand that the Snow Maiden cannot cry.

In front of the heroine, a barely noticeable trap or trap. The trees are surrounded by a radiance in which you can see the eyes and wide open mouths. The native forest warns the Snow Maiden about the danger. To the left, behind the back of a fairy-tale heroine, a human silhouette is easily read. Does Mother see her off, does Father Frost ...

Anxiety fills the picture, a premonition of trouble. No, the Snow Maiden passes the trap for the beast. But soon she will fall into a completely different trap. Yarilo-Sun will kill the daughter of Frost and Spring for knowing love without being a human being.

The village lights look unkindly, like a monster from the dark. It’s not easy for Snow Maiden to make a choice. But already at the next moment, she boldly strides towards the new, alien, unknown.

Her outfit (fur coat, mittens, hat) has incorporated all shades of snow, forest, sky. Blindingly white snow, blue-green night, young Christmas trees in the foreground - everything in the picture is spelled out with extraordinary accuracy, authenticity. The tale does not tolerate lies.

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