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Portrait of the writer Leonid Andreev, Serov, 1907

Portrait of the writer Leonid Andreev, Serov, 1907

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Portrait of the writer Leonid Andreev - Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov. 73.3x56.4

Andreev is a tragic figure in Russian literature. The time for creating the portrait coincides with this difficult period.

Ascetic clothes of black color, there is no joy or hope in the writer's look. Only sorrow and despondency. The yellowish background completely matches the complexion of the hero. Serov portrays Andreev as transparent, thereby revealing the theme of emptiness, estrangement from life. The view of the writer is fixed. Andreev does not want to see anyone's eyes. He is immersed in tragic and gloomy thoughts. The eyes of the writer are amazing - they are different. Serov, as it were, endows his model with the ability to see the truth. Maybe this ability and disappointed the writer in life?

The choice of technique for performing a portrait is not accidental. It is watercolor and tempera that can convey fragility, transparency, subtlety.

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