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Girl lit by the sun. Portrait of M. Ya. Simonovich, Serov

Girl lit by the sun. Portrait of M. Ya. Simonovich, Serov

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Girl lit by the sun. 89,5x71

Light experiments are a favorite activity of the impressionists. It is light that is the main character of this picture.

A young girl is resting in the shade of a tree. The rays of the sun, first wandering around the dense crown for a long time and finally breaking through it, scattered with hundreds of glare on the face, hands, light blouse ... To highlight and emphasize the role of light glare, the heroine is surrounded by shaded objects: a tree trunk, a dark skirt, her own hair. By the will of the artist, the light passes them. Mingling with the good spiritual warmth of the model itself, the sun's rays in the picture turn into a kind of inner flicker of the girl herself. The portrait has a mystical component.

The heroine of the work is the cousin of the artist. They are well acquainted, but some tension is still noticeable. Serov presents to us his relative with love and tenderness. Full face, straight nose, big beautiful eyes. The pose is relaxed. Sunlight, summer itself have a rest and stress relief.

The author perfectly succeeded in a brilliant idea - to combine solar glare, inner warmth and soulfulness of the model together. The portrait is striking in the number of shades, midtones, color and light nuances. Nothing extra, every stroke "in a row."

Serov’s genius is that he undoubtedly managed to “catch” the light, convey a sense of movement, flicker. In this work, the impressionist aesthetics of the artist manifested itself especially strongly and talented.

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