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Death Museum, Los Angeles, USA

Death Museum, Los Angeles, USA

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One of the most controversial and non-standard museums in the world was created in 1995. The founders of the institution dedicated his death in all its manifestations.

Guided by the slogan: We will all die, why not learn more about death? - J. Schulz assembled a unique collection related to the eternal secret of human existence (or non-existence - more precisely).

The museum is located on Hollywood Boulevard, works seven days a week. Visitors have the opportunity to view the exhibition from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. On Saturdays even up to 22 hours. They ask for $ 15 for entry. Near the museum there is free parking, which is very rare in Hollywood. All comers are allowed, however, at the ticket office of the museum there is a recommendation not to take children with them, to refrain from visiting pregnant women and people with a weak nervous system.

Advertising promises something unique, unique and special. There are no guides in the museum, but this does not affect the impression of visitors. Ignorance of English is also not an obstacle. What exhibits delight visitors to the museum?

Exhibits of the Museum of Death

A collection of the most diverse attributes of a funeral is just a prelude. Tools for embalming bodies, for dissecting corpses - far from the most terrible in the mortal museum.

A huge collection of photographs depicting the executions, the results of road crashes, the horrors of morgues, the activities of serial killers, maniacs. The museum’s special pride is the head of a blue beard cut off on the guillotine and carefully preserved — killers of women from France of the early 20th century.

The entire museum hall is dedicated to suicides of all stripes.

The video is also widely presented. Executions, killings, tortured bodies ...

A strong stomach, iron nerves, composure are the necessary qualities for visitors to this controversial institution.

An advertisement on the museum’s website indicates that one visit lasts about 45 minutes. The owners of the establishment assure that visitors can stay in the halls for as long as they want. Cases of fainting have been scrupulously calculated, statistics are presented with pride.

There is a rather large store at the institution where visitors can buy souvenirs for visiting memory: T-shirts, windcheaters, mugs, badges, magnets, string bags, wallets - all with the museum’s symbols (skulls, inscription death, etc.), a board game Serial killer (one of the killers playing, all the rest are victims). To get such souvenirs here, there is no need to go to Hollywood. It can be ordered on the institution's website.

The Museum of Death has no shortage of visitors. For obvious reasons, we did not display photographs from the halls of the museum.

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