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Skoda Museum in the Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav

Skoda Museum in the Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav

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The museum of one of the oldest automobile factories producing famous Skodes is located in the small town of Mladá Boleslav, north of Prague. You can get to the town both by train from the central railway station of Prague and by bus from the Cerny Most bus station. The journey does not take more than one hour. You do not need to search, 2 minutes from the station and you are there.

The museum operates seven days a week from 9 to 17 hours. The entrance ticket will cost 70 CZK if you want to wander around the museum alone. If you want to use the services of a guide, you will have to pay 100 CZK and wait until a group is gathered (usually group excursions take place after lunch). If, besides the museum, you are going to visit the factory itself (one of the most modern in Europe!), Then the ticket will cost 140 kroons. Students and pensioners enjoy a 50% discount, and children under 6 years of age, disabled people, journalists (presenting a certificate and accreditation in the Czech Republic) pass without admission.

The museum was opened in the mid-60s. The exposition tells about the long history of the plant, which essentially began with a bicycle assembly workshop. Gradually, after expanding production, the founders of the plant launched the production of the first Czech car.

At the entrance to the museum you can see sculptures of the founders of automobile production. And the halls themselves are divided by topic.

The first hall is called Evolution. Here you can get acquainted with the process of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic. Old cars, carefully restored, restored. Among the exhibits are old newspapers, a cartoon about Skoda.

In the second hall (Traditions) cars of different years are placed - limousines, sports cars, etc.

Third hall (Accuracy) he will tell about the modernization of the automobile plant, photos and video materials exhibited in the hall, more of an advertising than a museum character.

To date, the museum features 340 cars. Of great interest to the public are armored cars for state leaders, as well as small, almost toy cars for their kids.

In addition to a visit to the museum, it makes sense to walk around the city itself. Mlada Boleslav is an old and cozy town.

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