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The geopolitical baby, Dali, 1943

The geopolitical baby, Dali, 1943

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Geopolitical baby - Salvador Dali. 45.5x50

The solution to the picture lies in the date of its creation. Humanity, which is closely within the framework of a dying era, violently sheds constraining fetters, full of desire for happiness, peace and contentment. The baby watching the birth of a new society is scared. He hides at the feet of his mother, but does not look away. In half a century, this baby will become the one who will rule the world, new, different ...

Humanity constantly destroys itself, and then helps itself to be reborn in order to destroy again. This is the mystery of human existence.

What impression will a birth leave? A new riddle ...

Yellow, disturbing tones create a special and complex work atmosphere. Every birth gives hope, but the future is very vague. And only a large drop of blood flowing down from a cracked shell makes the viewer think about the suffering and tragedy of the transition from one state to another.

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