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At the edge of a pine forest, Shishkin, 1882

At the edge of a pine forest, Shishkin, 1882

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At the edge of a pine forest - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. Canvas, oil

An evening walk through the pine forest brought the young woman to the edge of the forest. Tall pine trees, bathed in sunset light, majestically rise above man. The needles in the trees look a little silvery. The sky above the forest is almost cloudless, the green grass at the edge of the sun is untouched, the light has lost its way in the dense pine forest.

It seems that the path leads a person, and not a person follows a path. The master perfectly conveys the lightness and aroma floating in the evening air.

The colors of the picture create a special mood in the work: peace, joy, peace. At first, a female figure in a pale blue outfit seems to be superfluous, an invented detail. Having examined carefully, you can see that the presence of man in the landscape is organic and natural.

The summer umbrella in the hands of a young woman is complicated, the summer heat has subsided.

The forest seems to glow from within. It was as if the sun itself had sunk into the thicket and was preparing to sleep there. Silence and bliss spilled over the edge of the forest.

Man left the forest, and nature began to live his free life.

At the edge of the edge of the forest, stumps from felled trees are noticeable, a dry branch that has not lost brown leaves. All these are the fruits of human activity. The tale was left there. Ahead is the world of people who are constantly changing the world around them for their needs. The author is unobtrusive. There are no appeals or protests in his work. The artist does not impose his point of view on the viewer, offering to enjoy the beauty of Russian nature and reflect on his role in changing it, maybe even violence over it.

Interestingly, another author’s work, written two years later, has long been in a private collection in the Czech Republic under the same name.

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