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Woodland Man, Kramskoy, 1874

Woodland Man, Kramskoy, 1874

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Woodland - Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy. 84x62

The forester is unkindly, anxiously looking from the canvas at the viewer. The atmosphere of the portrait is tense.

The attention of the audience is drawn to the eyes of the hero. They have suspicion, strength, reproach. The matter of forest protection is associated with constant risk. Before us is a man who is accustomed to rely only on himself, used to take risks. He now looks ready to repel the attack.

A desolate red beard, a canvas dressing gown, a weathered face - all the details give us the image of a lonely person living in the forest. This could have looked like a fairy goblin, the forest owner. Becoming a model, the hero fell into an unusual situation for himself. He does not know what to expect from the artist. Therefore, the look is scared, and the pose is tense.

The dark background, in which the thicket is barely guessed, allows the viewer to see the hero without missing a single trifle. Before us is the type of Russian man from whom Razin and Pugachev formed their army.

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