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Casa Batlló, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Casa Batlló, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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Who can explain the nature of genius? No one. When you see a truly brilliant creation in front of you, thoughts get confused, the feeling that you are involved in a great secret only by the very fact of presence and contemplation gives rise to great pride in yourself, for being involved in that humanity that gave rise to this great mystery. The kind smile of the Creator, who sent a genius as a gift to people for his unspent ability to appreciate the beautiful over the centuries.

Antonio Gaudi except Casa Batlló could not create anything, thanks to this single masterpiece, he would go down in the history of art as a genius of architecture. Today this house is one of the most famous sights of Barcelona. Day and night around the Casa Batllo crowds of tourists. External inspection is enough for many. Someone definitely wants to get inside.

What Casa Batlló looks like

The frayed and shabby phrase about music frozen in stone here, fortunately, is not good. Before the viewer is a whole performance with a complex, intricate plot. On the six floors of Casa Batlló, stone, light and color were mixed in the most bizarre combinations. All three components seem to flow from one to another - the house does not have a single straight line, corner, sharp ledge. Smooth forms create a feeling of fluidity, ductility and mobility of the entire building. That is why so many associations are born, so many guesses about the architectural idea. Someone sees the dragon killed by St. George in Ballot’s house, someone imagines a magic castle from old Catalan tales, and someone recognizes the waves of the Mediterranean Sea in the outlines of the building.

What names did not come up with the inhabitants of Barcelona for the masterpiece of Gaudi - the house of onlookers, the house of bones, the house of the dragon. There is no doubt only one statement: the inside is even more interesting than the outside.

How is the Casa Batlló excursion

The tour passes through the floor of the house owners (apartments), storage rooms and laundry room, attic, roof terrace, main staircase and hall. The once ordinary apartment building amazes the author with the inexhaustible imagination, the color scheme and the game of a stone building with light falling inside through fantastic windows with colored, mosaic glass.

Despite the intricate and non-standard interiors, each room of the house is unusually cozy, convenient and functional. The atmosphere of the house is filled with positive, joy and warmth. Each detail of the interior seemed to have grown by itself, being included in the complex game of form and energy.

It is generally accepted that Gaudi created within the framework of a certain architectural style, but it becomes clear to everyone that it is impossible to squeeze a single work of the great master into the framework of any style. He himself is a style, a direction, a combination of aesthetic features and ideology. It is hard to imagine, but it is Gaudi who is considered the harbinger of the era of rationalism. Behind the exterior decorativeness and complexity of architectural solutions lie very rational solutions: the narrow and deep inner courtyard of Casa Batlló, thanks to the correct selection of the color scheme of the cladding, is flooded with uniform light. Similar exact, mathematically and optically verified solutions are found at every step.

About tickets and opening hours of the House

Tourists have the opportunity to visit this masterpiece of the great Catalan every day, seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Entrance ticket - 21.50 euros. The price includes the use of an audio guide. Discounts on attendance are provided for students, seniors, children under seven years old - for free. Barcelona residents also enjoy discounts. Enjoy with pleasure.

Tickets are best bought on the Casa Batlló page. This will help to avoid queues, as well as to find out if there are any special events on this day that restrict visitors' access.

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