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Starry Night, Munch, 1922

Starry Night, Munch, 1922

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Starry Night - Edward Munch. 140x119

The starry sky inspired the master for several different works. The author gives only a general idea of ​​the terrestrial part of the landscape. He is interested in the sky, strewn with large stars, full of greenish flashes. The moon faded against the background of bright polar stars.

Snow-covered city does not sleep. Night lights fill the picture with a sense of human presence.

The abundance of blue color emphasizes the frosty night, winter freshness. Green flashes, in which the outlines of fabulous monsters are guessed, make the atmosphere of work saturated and emotional.

Starlight passes into electric light, complementing and transforming it, harmoniously uniting.

The work is filled with the cosiness and thoughtfulness that is inherent in anyone who is passionate about the starry sky, seeing in it a source of inspiration and reflection.

Despite some blurred prospects and simplification of image objects, the work was done with a master's hand, and the ability to handle color and the emotional richness of the picture give a remarkable talent.

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