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Glyptotek in Munich, Germany

Glyptotek in Munich, Germany

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An exquisite museum representing ancient sculpture and plastic art is located on Munich's Royal Square. Only masterpieces are collected here.

It all starts with a building carefully restored after the war in the style of classical Greek architecture. Glyptothek collection is divided into 13 rooms (to be precise, then 12, because one of the halls was given over to a cafe). Each hall has its own name, which coincides with the most valuable exhibit.

Munich Glyptothek Exposition

The museum exposition presents the Greek Archaic and Classics, the art of Hellenism and Ancient Rome.

Sculptures of gods, heroes, kings, emperors, mythical creatures ... Passing by the exhibits, everyone catches himself thinking that much of the presented was already seen somewhere. In fact, the images of many exhibits adorn the pages of books on the history of Antiquity, on the history of art, even school books. In addition to amazing sculptures, you can admire ceramics, mosaics and reliefs, household items, jewelry.

Particular attention should be paid to the sculptures of the temple of Athena from the island of Aegina, the perfectly preserved statue of Alexander the Great, an unusual sculpture of Faun.

In the hall of ancient Roman sculptural portraits, the most attention is drawn to the image of Nero, as well as the irreconcilable Maria and Sulla.

The central courtyard of Glyptotek is empty today, it is decorated with only one column. Before the war, another Assyrian hall was located here. Several American bombs destroyed the Assyrian collection forever.

In addition to the main exhibition, the museum offers to visit thematic and guest exhibitions, for which an additional fee, as a rule, is not charged.

The Glyptothek store is rich in monographs and popular literature in several European languages.

Entrance fee - 6 euros. Children and youth under 18 have the opportunity to enjoy masterpieces for free. Access to the museum every day from ten to five hours. Weekends - Monday and a few holidays (for Easter and Christmas Glyptothek is open).

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