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Madonna, Edward Munch, 1894

Madonna, Edward Munch, 1894

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Madonna - Edward Munch. 90x68.5

The once scandalous picture depicts the Madonna in an unusual perspective. Undisclosed nudity, ecstasy on the face and loose hair - once made a very mixed impression on the public.

The maximum humanization of the image of the Virgin Mary, an attempt to show her earthly, human greatness - this is the main task that the author faced. It is known that the master changed the name of this work several times. Among the versions were - Conception, a Loving woman. The author settled on Madonna to emphasize his attitude to the woman portrayed.

The figure of the heroine is plastic and round, the stomach is especially emphasized, the hands are sketchy, they seem to disappear behind a translucent background. Anyone can notice the indisputable similarity of the Madonna with antique sculptural samples that served as sources for work.

The whole figure of the heroine is surrounded by a certain radiance. It creates a feeling of a certain inner radiance, magical, mysterious. In a color sense, the author is very modest: shades of yellow, purple, blotches of white and small spots of red. The color corresponds to the intimate atmosphere of the plot. In later versions, the master adds some details to the plot in the form of a human embryo, etc. Criticism is convinced that it is the early version of the picture, which has nothing superfluous, that differs by its true depth and skill.

It is also known that, along with Scream, it was this work that was stolen from the museum in 2004.

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