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Villa Farnesina in Rome, Italy

Villa Farnesina in Rome, Italy

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Among the Roman attractions, Villa Farnesina is quiet and calm. It is here that the tourist has the opportunity to calmly enjoy the atmosphere of the Renaissance without the fuss that is so characteristic of the Eternal City.

Built once for a wealthy banker, the two-story villa offers visitors a unique opportunity to see paintings painted 500 years ago by Raphael, Peruzzi, del Piombo, Bazzi.

What's on the ground floor?

The first floor of the museum consists of three rooms: Loggia of Galatea (here you can see a fragment of the painting, written according to legend by Michelangelo himself), Loggia of Cupid and Psyche (decorated with paintings based on the works of Apuleius), Frieze rooms (frescoes on Greek mythology).

Second floor

On the second floor you can see a luxurious fireplace room, decorated with paintings of the architect Villa Peruzzi, as well as a small room of Alexander and Roxanne, decorated with the works of Bazzi.

The peculiarity of the villa is that it is not a temple, not a palace, not a museum, but an ordinary one that appears before the viewer 16th century Roman rich mansion, where not only the works of brilliant artists were preserved, but the very atmosphere, spirit and taste of the High Renaissance life.

Villa Farnesina surrounded by an orange grove, which can also be visited. A visit during the flowering of an orange will become unforgettable.

How to find a villa in Farnesin

To find a villa, you need to go to the opposite bank of the ancient ruins (Forum, Colosseum) of the Tiber, in the Trastevere district. You can get on buses 23, 125, 271, 280. The villa is located near the Corsini Palace, next door to the Academy of Sciences. Visitors are allowed only in the morning (from 9 to 14 hours). On Sundays and public holidays (Italians love to relax) the museum is closed. But there are exceptions. Every second Sunday of the month, the villa is open until five in the evening. On this day, here you can see the masterpieces accompanied by the music of the Renaissance.

A guide is not needed for exploring Farnesin's villa. But if you want to hear the endless amount of legends and romantic stories accumulated over the 500 years of the existence of this house, then on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays you can sign up for a group visit.

The museum’s store has a large selection of albums, CDs, postcards, posters and books.

Ticket price

Entrance ticket will cost 6 euros. For visiting the garden you need to pay another two euros. And if you have already managed to buy a ticket to the Vatican Museum, then here you will find a discount of one euro.

Next to Villa Farnesina is one of the best Roman restaurants, Il Miraggio, where pizza is prepared so that it is impossible to break away.

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