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The Kiss, Edward Munch, 1897

The Kiss, Edward Munch, 1897

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Kiss - Edward Munch. 99x81

The plot of the picture would probably suit the masters of the Rococo era. A couple, frozen in a passionate kiss behind a curtain by an open window, forgot about everything in the world. Two people, merging at dusk, enjoy each other.

For all the piquancy of the situation, the author is very delicate. The distortion of space characteristic of the master in this case illustrates the emotional intensity, passion.

The stinginess in the color scheme is compensated by the plasticity and extraordinary expressiveness of the lines. The folds of the curtains are like energy waves coming from lovers.

Orange details of the women's outfit greatly enhance the temperament of work, create a somewhat fantastic atmosphere.

Faces and parts of the body are subject to the general rhythm of the lines of work. They are not drawn, mysterious and plastic.

The author does not give any information about his heroes, the moment is important, emotional stress, passion. Everything else is secondary. As if mocking the world behind the curtain, the artist, in a tiny piece of an open window, schematically, but accurately depicts a proudly walking man. Pleased with himself and faceless, empty. The author’s position is clear: life is emotions and experiences. Everything else is worthless and stupid.

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