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It is difficult to imagine a city with a large number of different sculptures, monuments, monuments than Prague. One of the features of the Czech capital is the abundance of modern urban sculpture, unusual, non-standard, controversial and so attractive.

Without a doubt, the historical city sculpture (a monument to Charles IV, St. Wenceslas, Jan Hus, Jan ижižka) tells about the difficult and full of tragic events in the history of the Czech Republic. The sculptures of politicians (Masaryk, Wilson, Churchill) were installed not so long ago, they tell about that part of the history of the country that has been interpreted negatively for a long time. The country's culture can be studied at the monuments of Dvorak, Kafka, Hasek, Smetana, etc.

But the most unusual sculptures of Prague are the works of modern masters. A few words can be said about each.

Manneken Pis

In the courtyard of the museum of great Kafka, this not very decent fountain is located. Two male figures celebrate a small need, standing in a puddle, their outlines resembling the outlines of the Czech Republic. The author’s idea (David Cherny) is free to interpret in his own way. The monument is not simple, the figures are constantly in motion, they are controlled by a computer. Driving a stream, men write the most different phrases on a pool. A strange composition attracts crowds of tourists.


This inverted sculpture of St. Wenceslas, sitting on the belly of his horse, the author created for the main hall of the central post office of Prague. The extravagance of the work confused postal officials and placed the work in the Lucerne Palace in Prague, where it will remain until the Czech Republic becomes a monarchy. This is the desire of the author (of the same David Black), supported by some Prague patrons.

Empty cloak

This work of the student of Salvador Dali Anna Chromi next to the Theater of Estates is considered one of the most mystical among the sculptures of Prague. The master thus depicted the spirit of Mozart’s opera Don Juan, which premiered here in the late 18th century. The emptiness, clothed in clothes, beckons with its unusual and deep meaning. The work has several names - a cloak of conscience, a cassock without a face, etc.


Above Khusova Street, holding a bar with one hand, a man in a suit hangs. Another creation of David the Black, this time dedicated to Sigmund Freud. The ghostly connection of a person, his conscious one, makes one cling tenaciously to the real world so as not to rush into the ocean of the unconscious, which determines his actions and decisions. The sculpture impresses. It is known that at first passersby called the police to report a suicide attempt.

Vice shop

An ambiguous and controversial composition Lea Vivot adorns the main entrance to the central office of the lottery company on Zizkov street. A woman without underwear hugs the leg of a seated man with a lottery company newsletter in her hand. Near neat bundles of money, obviously a win. The idea is clear - excitement is like adultery. Immediately after the installation of the sculpture, a scandal erupted - the main character turned out to be very similar to President Havel in his youth. One way or another, the sculpture has been standing still for 13 years, causing bewilderment, debate, protests and admiration. Among urban sculpture in Prague, this is the most controversial.

Soap bubble factory

The brainchild of Willem Fritsch adorns Charles Square, next to the church of Ignatius Loyola. The complex sculptural structure is constantly in motion. Producing huge soap bubbles, the sculpture resembles the speeches of politicians, filled with bright promises, disappearing immediately after the election. The complex construction makes many manipulations to give birth to one big bubble decorating this world of second.

These are the most non-standard works of modern Czech sculptors, worthy of the attention of tourists.

Friends, we really hope that you liked this story, and that is why we offer you to get acquainted with the museums of Prague - there are also many interesting things.

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